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Cimteam Oy is a Management Consultancy Company in Finland

Our customer branches are for excample: Metal-, plastics-, electronics-, machine-, instruments-, optics-, medical-, food-, chemical-, wholesale and service companies.
Many of our customers are globally in the TOP #5 group in their segment.
We have also many small and family companies as customers.

Our services

  • Business development (Business plans, market studies, international co-operation networks)
  • Organization training
  • Productivity and Quality development (Technical and Quality projects, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, Medical Device Directives)
  • Technology development (Technical evaluations, cost optimization of products and processes)
  • Cimteam is AviX partner in Finland. AviX software is tool for LEAN production development and training with video-analysis.

Cimteam Oy was founded in 1990 (reg. 1991). Over 400 projects have been realized and over 90% of customers have made new orders.

Our goals are always customer satisfaction and good results!

With Best Regards
Cimteam Oy
Samuli Vuorinen
Managing Director